War FTP Daemon - Guides

How to bind to a specific IP number

  1. Start the Daemon Manager
  2. Open the User Manager
  3. Select the root-node (system)
  4. Select the "Admin" tab on the lower-right property-selection
  5. Select the "Server Configuration" property
  6. Insert the IP address or domain name the server should use. 
  7. Close the User Manager
  8. Save the user database from the menu in the Daemon Manager
  9. Stop and start the server


This will force War FTP Daemon to use the IP number you specified, in stead of all IP addresses it find on the machine.

Note: You must have a static IP address. If you are on a dialup connection, or another connection where the IP number change when you connect to the Internet, you can not use this feature! If you don't know what a static IP address is, you need to learn the basics about networks and the Internet before you set up a FTP server! If not, there is a great risk that you expose yourself, your machine and your network for all kind of exploits and network abuse!