alt.comp.jgaa FAQ

Jarle (jgaa) Aase

Jgaa's Internet

1. The alt.comp.jgaa Newsgroup
1.1. What Is This Newsgroup For?
1.2. I can't find the newsgroup alt.comp.jgaa on my newsserver
1.3. How do I use this forum?
2. The alt.comp.jgaa.binaries Newsgroup
2.1. What Is This Newsgroup For?
2.2. I can't find the newsgroup alt.comp.jgaa.binaries on my newsserver
3. War FTP Daemon
3.1. General questions
3.1.1. What is War FTP Daemon?
3.1.2. There has not been a new version for a long time. Has the development stopped?
3.1.3. Can I export the user database to another program?
3.1.4. How do I set max number of logins in 1.7?
3.1.5. What is the chat feature, and why don't it work?
3.1.6. Something don't work and I don't understand why!
3.1.7. How do I enable resuming of broken transfers?
3.1.8. I recently downloaded your War FTP Daemon but i have no clue how to use it. Can you give me an idea on what i can do with it
3.1.9. Can users be added from the command-line?
3.1.10. Can users be added from a webpage?
3.1.11. Does War FTP support FXP?
3.1.12. What is the largest file you can transfer?
3.1.13. Does War FTP Daemon work with my operating system?
3.2. Security
3.2.1. Is War FTP Daemon secure?
3.2.2. Is there a backdoor?
3.2.3. People tries to connect to my server, even if I don't allow anonymous access
3.3. Licensing and redistribution
3.3.1. I'm using the server at home, is that ok?
3.3.2. Can the server be used by commercial companies?
3.3.3. I'm working at a school, owned by the government. Can I we use the server?
3.3.4. I'm working at a hospital, owned by the government. Can we use the server?
3.3.5. I'm working in a magazine. Can we redistribute the server on CD-ROM?
3.3.6. Where do I register the server?
3.3.7. Can I donate money to the project?
3.3.8. I work at NASA. Can we use the server?
3.4. Installation and upgrades
3.4.1. Where do I get the latest version?
3.4.2. There are two versions, one full, and one upgrade. Which should I install?
3.4.3. I recently installed 1.7 and found that certain domains such as *.mil*, *.gov* etc. are pre-configured for rejection. Either this is hard coded or I don't understand how to remove this restriction
3.4.4. How do I uninstall the server? The uninstall program wount work!
3.4.5. How do I install the upgrade?
3.4.6. How do I back up the server
3.4.7. Can I move the server from one machine to another?
3.4.8. I have two icons in the tray. How do I get rid of the extra one?
3.5. Starting and connecting to the server
3.5.1. When I try to start the FTP service I get the error message: 21 failed: WSAEADDRNOTAVAIL
3.5.2. I have lost the system password to the server.
3.5.3. When I try to connect to the server with the Daemon Manager, I get error code 1. What does that mean?
3.6. Firewalls
3.6.1. I have War FTP Daemon on a network. Can it use the routers IP address for PASV connections?
3.7. Configuration and use
3.7.1. I can't get anyone to connect. They are all denied access
3.7.2. How do I get rid of the "Failed to connect to ODBC source" warning message?

1. The alt.comp.jgaa Newsgroup

3. War FTP Daemon

3.1. General questions

3.2. Security

3.3. Licensing and redistribution

3.4. Installation and upgrades

3.5. Starting and connecting to the server