In the last few days I have received several emails, where US companies query about War FTP Daemon, encryption and if the server can be exported from USA.

(This reminds me about the situation a few years ago, when US companies was denied to export strong encryption, and technology from Australia and Europe took over most of the world market for software encryption. Maby the Bush administration believs it's a good strategy to once again leave the IT marketplace to the European and Australian IT companies. It's at least a good strategy to weaken the doller even more.)

Anyway - as far as I know, War FTP Daemon is not a subject of US Law. It's developed in Norway, and the download servers are located in Norway. Export of War FTP Daemon is not limited in any way by Norwegian or international law.

War FTP Daemon 1.6* and 1.7* use a simple XOR algorithm to encrypt the user-database. It also use the now obsolete Unix "crypt" algoritm to make a one-way hash from the passwords entered by the users. Encryption for the FTP protocol is not implemented.

War FTP Daemon 1.8* stores the user-database without encryption. It use the obsolete Unix "crypt" algorithm to store user-passwords. It also implement the "CRYPT-MD5" algorithm in order to handle users that are imported from Linux systems. This is also a one-way hash algorithm, used on most Linux systems today. Encryption for the FTP protocol is not implemented.

War FTP Daemon is not exported from USA, but imported from Europe to USA by its US users.