Some companies will not use a software package, unless they can be 100% sure to get professional support when they require it.

Lerøen Consulting in Bergen, Norway, has been sponsoring the development of warftpd since 1998 with compilers, PC hardware, internet connection and office space for the developer. They have first-hand access to the developer, access to all versions of the source code, and can help you with technical support, special features or custom versions of warftpd. For support, the fee per. case is 300 Euro. For development, the fee is 100 Euro per. hour. Lerøen Consulting maintains a very high quality on their support.

Contact, send a fax to +47 55 36 20 21 or call +47 55 36 20 20 for support. Currently, payment outside Norway must be done with Visa. The staff speaks Norwegian and English.

For free support, see