Since there are no user-registration, I have no list of actual users. I do however get support requests and comments from users, and I can see from my web-logs some of the companies that use the server. In brief, it looks like a huge number of the well-known companies and institutions on the Net use the server. I know about lots of university and reserach facitilies that use the server. Compaq (now HP) once reported that they had 60 powerful servers with "Windows Advanced Server" back in California, running the server! Several units within NASA has been using the server over the years. Lots of the consumer electronics and industry companies in USA, Japan and Europe has been ore are using the server. Tens of thousands of less known companies all around the world are also using or has been using the server.

In addition, a huge number of induviduals all over the world are using the server. The support-site, who has been used for downloads the last few yeras, has 1.2 million user-sessions from July 2000 to May 2004. This tells some about the huge number of users who are downloading or upgrading their servers. Warftpd is also distributed on hudreds of CD's with books and magazines all over the world.