The best way to report a bug for warftpd is to register yourself as a user on and then issue a bug-report at that system. This is done by selecting the program you use from the list of programs, selecting [bug-reports], and then [new report]. When you are in the bug-report part of this site, you can also look at all the bug-reports that are ever submitted, and see if your problem is already known. If your problem is reported by someone else, you can check if there is a new version fixing the problem, or a simple work-around.

Exploits and problems with the security should be reported on email to, or telefax +47 55 36 20 21. That way I can fix the problem before it gets publically known. This is the best way to avoid production-servers to get exploited. Serious security problems will then be reported to BUGTRAQ by me, with full credits to the person who reported the problem.